Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

During November and December 2022, the annual ‘16 Days of Action’ campaign called on global organisations, individuals and communities to unite in eliminating violence against women and girls.


Violence against women and girls can have devastating consequences for not only the person directly affected, but also their family, friends and communities. Research shows that women and girls experience paramilitary violence in different ways to men and boys, which has meant it is not always well documented or understood.  The Programme is working to address this through a number of projects and research and also through involvement in both the Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, led by The Executive Office (TEO) and the Gender Equality Strategy, led by The Department for Communities (DfC).

PSNI’s action plan to tackle VAWG


Programme Director, Adele Brown said: “The Programme has to continually evolve based on evidence we are collecting and that includes understanding how paramilitarism and organised crime affects women. The wider focus across the Executive on gender equality and gender based violence is closely linked to what we are trying to do.  We will be sharing with colleagues and partners the data and best practice that we have gathered as part of the Programme’s public health approach to reducing violence, to help to inform this important and closely linked work.”


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