PSNI host successful problem solving workshop

Last November, PSNI staff from across their organisation attended a ‘Problem Solving Champion’ Workshop funded by our Programme.

Sylvia Chenery from ACA Applied Criminology Associates, pictured with PSNI Chief Inspector Joanne Gibson. Sylvia is a Criminologist who specialises in Problem Solving.

Chief Inspector Joanne Gibson said: “Problem solving plays a key role in police effectiveness and each attendee took away the knowledge and skills to help them engage with communities.


“The participants were so enthused at the end of the two-day workshop, and I know they’ll go back to their day jobs full of new ideas and knowledge to help them in their role.  I see their role as key to working in partnership and local problem solving is so important for communities.


“Our hope is that they will act as ‘champions’ within the police and will continue to promote and cascade the importance of Problem Oriented Problem Solving to those they work with, and continue to embrace the ethos of Prevention First”.