Programme Team and delivery partners host the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Work has been underway for a number of months now by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee (NIAC) who are carrying out an inquiry into the effects of paramilitarism in Northern Ireland. The Programme’s then lead Minister gave evidence to the Committee as well as submitting written evidence.


NIAC Chair Simon Hoare MP addresses delivery partners from the Fresh Start Through Sport programme at Windsor Park

The Committee visited Northern Ireland and spent some time with projects that receive investment from the Programme. It gave them an opportunity to listen to those who deliver the initiatives and to talk to service users about the difference that the Programme has made.


Committee Chairman, Simon Hoare MP said: “It was valuable to see the work of various projects funded by the Programme during our time in Northern Ireland, and certainly helped our considerations on how to effectively tackle paramilitarism as part of our ongoing inquiry. It underlined the scale and range of paramilitary activity confirming we are dealing with child groomers, drug dealers, abusers and extortionists. They all need to be stamped out.”