Investing in Police Community Engagement

The Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) is funded by the Programme and is often the most visible element of policing’s contribution towards addressing paramilitary harm. However, the Programme has also provided a £145,000 investment to policing for the delivery of Community Safety and Engagement projects.


Chief Inspector Joanne Gibson from the Strategic Partnerships and Prevention Branch explains more: “This investment allows us to support a range of projects in communities who have specific challenges. These initiatives are tailored to meet the needs of different areas, allowing our local officers the opportunity to engage with people, build relationships and break down barriers in an informal setting.


“We also deliver projects that enhance problem-solving around issues impacting on the community and that promote engagement with, and visibility of, policing. This work complements the activities of the PCTF, as we know that in order to deliver safer communities a security and criminal justice approach alone will not suffice.”