Developing Women in the Community Programme sees positive outcomes

A recent evaluation of the Developing Women in the Community programme shows the project is achieving key goals in supporting women. This project, funded by the NI Executive’s Tackling Paramilitarism, Criminality and Organised Crime Programme and delivered by the Department for Communities (DfC), aims to provide women living in communities impacted by paramilitary harm with skills, knowledge and confidence to take on leadership roles.


The evaluation, carried out by QUB and also funded by the Programme, collected survey data from over 200 participants at the start and end of the latest phase of the programme and found significant improvements in measures like self-efficacy, life satisfaction, and volunteering/leadership engagement. For example, the percentage of women taking on community leadership roles increased from 35% at baseline to 61% at programme end. Qualitative data also showed women accessing new training and work opportunities.

The report concludes the project is positively contributing towards the goals of the wider ‘Tackling Paramilitarism Programme’ in creating safer, more resilient communities.


Key recommendations include linking programme activities to priority community needs and ensuring there are synergies with other government efforts on issues like trauma and safety. The evaluation demonstrates how focused support for women’s development and empowerment can drive community-level change.


To read the report, please click on the link below.